Proven Successful Ways to Get Rid of Squirrels Under Your California Porch

The Fullerton squirrels have the ability to adapt in a range of environment. They can easily move in anew setting where there is an abundant source of food. Our chimney, attic, and the area under our porch will provide them with a secured location to build their nest and raise their young ones. It is also close to their source of food. However, due to the damage that they can inflict to your property, you will need to get rid of them immediately.

A Complete Guide to Remove the Squirrels under the Porch

Perhaps the best time to evict the California squirrel that is lurking under your property should be during the early part of the spring season. Since this is before the mother squirrel will give birth to her litters, this will be a perfect time. The latter part of the fall would also be an ideal time since the baby squirrel would be mature enough to survive on their own.

Use a Bright Light

Using bright light as repellent may not give you the result that you want. It should only be used as a short-term solution. Find a bright light that comes with a motion sensor. This will be more effective compared to the lights that are always on. You should also look for the lights that are operated with alkaline battery. Squirrels can easily chew the wires that will instantly disable the light.


We also do not recommend the use of ammonia but there are some Fullerton people who still choose to use them. If you prefer to use this, instead of spraying ammonia on the structures of your porch to drive away the squirrel, you should soak a rag in a bottle of ammonia. Throw the rag under your porch. Ammonia resembles the scent of the predator's urine that the squirrel may find offensive. However, since this is an outdoor environment, expect that the scent will dissipate quickly. You will need to redo the procedure that may result to a considerable mess.

Using a Radio

Just like the other wildlife creatures, California squirrel hates the sign of human presence. They will immediately leave the scene in case they heard the sound of the human voice. One way to use this against them is to play a radio in your porch. Tune in to a talk station and keep this playing for at least 3 nights. It should only be loud enough to be heard under the porch. Nevertheless, just like the other repellents that we mentioned above, this is also a short-term solution. 

Installing Barriers

This is perhaps the most effective way to deter the activity of the squirrels. Attaching hardware cloth or steel mesh under your California porch will keep the squirrels at bay. Use screw or bolts to secure them on the structure. You may also introduce steel mesh on all possible access points of the squirrel.

In case none of these work, you should not hesitate to hire the service of the Fullerton professionals. You need to call them as soon as you notice squirrel activity under your porch. 

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