Fullerton Bats Reproduction Habits - What You'll Read Will Surprise You!

As we mentioned before, there are close to 1,000 types of Fullerton bats. This means that their reproduction habit may also vary. Still, there are particular characteristics that would be common on all species of bats. Understanding the mating habit of the bat is necessary if you plan to introduce bat house in your habitat or if you are dealing with a bat infestation. 

When Will the Bats Reproduce?

The primary factor that affects the mating habit of the California bats would be the season. The female bats will need to guarantee that they have an ample supply of food when they are carrying the infant to ensure that the embryo will properly developed. Due to this reason, the breeding season of the bats will be during the summer season. For the tropical countries, bats will have better flexibility when giving birth. Nonetheless, they will simply give birth once per year. Those bats that are located close to the equator will have a higher breeding frequency.

The Mating Process of the Bats

14 months after their birth, the bats will reach their sexual maturity. However, there are species of bats that will reach their sexual maturity at a much slower pace. Their mating will happen during the night time since they are nocturnal species. The male will awaken the female bats by biting their neck and starting the process of copulation. In the event that the mating happened during daytime, the habit of initiating the copulation is a bit different. The male will rub his head beside the female bat. Bats are not monogamous and will mate with different partners. 

Gestation Period

Since the Fullerton mother bats will need to ensure that they are properly nourished when carrying their young ones, they will have to delay their fertilization by storing the sperm. This will normally occur in bats that live in temperate areas. Once the mother is ready to deliver her infant, this will be during the summer season. They will gather and form a maternity colony. The size of the colony will vary and can increase up to millions of mother bats.

Delivering Her Infant

The infant bats will be highly dependent to their California mother bats. They will crawl immediately to their mother to seek security. They will be blind and hairless. Their size is around 1/3 of the size of the mother bat. They will spend most of their time with their mother to consume milk. Compared to other mammals, the baby bats will be born with 22 teeth. They will develop rapidly and after only 2 months, they will be fully capable to hunt their own food.

When getting rid of the bat infestation in your Fullerton house, understand that you are not allowed to perform exclusion during the breeding and their nesting period. Disturbing their roost during this period is against the law. You can be subjected to 6-month imprisonment and thousand dollars of fine if you have been proven to break the law that protects the bats against unjust eviction.

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