Getting Rid of California Opossums 101: Using Exclusion Funnels to Get the Job Done

Opossums may not be a rodent but just like them, they also love to invade our Fullerton attic, ceilings, and the void of our walls. Most of these places are beyond our reach. Opossums are known for its ability to multiply at an astounding rate. Once you are facing a full-blown infestation, trapping will not be the best method to use. The most logical method would be the use of exclusion device.

Step-by-Step Guide in Installing Exclusion Device to Get Rid of the Opossums

For those who lack the experience, it is better to allow the California professionals to handle these matters. Installing the exclusion funnel improperly will simply waste your investment and effort. With the help of the expert, you can guarantee that the creature will be able to leave your property and will not be harmed during the process.

Assess Your Problem

Before you start purchasing an exclusion device, you will need to assess the severity of the infestation first. This will help you determine the method that you can use to get rid of the problem. You may start looking at the extent of the damage at the obscure areas of your house. Opossums do not have the destructive behavior of the rats and other rodents so it is highly likely that you will only notice minimal damages such as the contaminated insulations. The severity of the infestation will also be evident on the gathering of manure. In case you think you are facing a full-blown infestation and you are confident that you can resolve it, then exclusion device would definitely be the answer.

Search for the Entry Points

Gauging the severity of the damage before installing the device will allow you to concentrate your efforts in the particular area. This way, you can ensure that you will find any possible entry point that the opossum is using. When examining the exterior part of your house, use a ladder to look at the higher areas. Remember that the opossum has incredible climbing skill that allows them to reach the high places of our house. 

Seal the Access Hole

After determining all the possible entry points, it is now time to seal the California access holes. You should use materials that will not be damaged by their sharp claws. For instance, you can use a galvanized hardware cloth or a wire mesh. You can also use steel plate but be sure to use screws when affixing them to the holes. Leave the main entry point open. You will be able to determine the main entry point by looking at the grease mark in their trail.

Install the exclusion device at the last entry point. Exclusion devices are meant to allow the Fullerton creature to leave your property but will prevent them from returning. Place bait outside of the funnel to encourage them to leave. After 3 days, look for any signs of active infestation. After 2 weeks and you are sure that there are no longer signs of opossums, remove the exclusion funnel and seal the last hole.

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